Uptown Facial $60
An ideal for those on a busy schedule. Customized to meet your specific requirements with steaming, cleansing, a facial massage and a quick mask.
European Rejuvenation $100
An European facial that will leave your delicate skin looking rediant and fresh. Specially customized to help remove dead skin cells and clean the pores for smooth, silky skin. Enforced with rejuvenating facial mask.
Organic Oatmeal Relief Facial $120
For sensitive skin. Uses all arganic ingredients of oatmeal. This facial targets dehydration and redness. With the use of special oatmeal - cooling mask that is high in mineral and vitamin content, this facial is made to soften, detoxify and calm the skin, all in one treatment.
Multi-Vitamin Power Facial $130
We use a blend of highly-active hydroxy acids and skin-neutralizing vitamin A (Retinol) to thoroughly remove duling surface debris while stimulating cell renewal. This facial reduces the effects of premature aging and sun damage.
Medi-Bac Clearing Acne Treatment $135
Anti-bacteria formula applied to affected areas of the face, chills the overactive pimple-breeding derma cell system. Pimples and cysts gently extracted. A healing camphor masque soothes infected areas and dries up oily pimple.
Enzyme Deep Pore Cleansing $120
For a clear and healthy complexion, we have an innovative method for treating oily skin with blemish problem. After just a few weeks, the complexision will be clearere and healthier in appearance.

Collagen $150
Get maximum results with this collagen plus facial. Proven to reduce lines & wrinkles, as well as improve cell metabolism and skin regeneration. This treatment is perfect for those with mature, aging and fatigued skin.
Microdermabrasion $150
Ultra fine crystals exfoliate to reduce fine lines, improve scarring, diminish hyper-pigmentation, and smooth rough skin. This treatment is finished with a soothing vitamin mask. Although you will see and feel instant results, best results occur in series of 5-8 treatments.
AGE Smart Facial $130
This refreshing facial helps stimulate collagen production, smoothes fine dryness lines and restores elasticity. It also insulates skin from extreme environmental conditions to help skin recover from damage. Promoting healthy tissue regeneration, this will leave your skin with a renewed firmness.
Purifying Back Treatment $130
This hard to reach and often neglected area will be given a deep cleansing, exfoliation & extraction if needed, and a masque to balance the skin. This treatment will aide in the prevention of breakouts, leaving the skin incredibly smooth.
20% discount offered with 5-facial package “ We carry Dermalogica Products.”