Manicure (incl. moisturerizer and Vit E for hand & cuticle)
Spa Manicure
Serendipity Spa Manicure
Polish Change
French or Buff Manicure Supplement
Glue Manicure
Powder Fill-in
Silk Wrap
Permanent U.V Gel
U.V Gel French
U.V Gel Fill-in / French
Color Gel
Girls (Age 8 years old & under)
Manicure & Pedicure
Mani+Pedi (Polish Only)
French or Buff Pedicure Supplement
Foot Reflexology Massage
Polish Change
extra $5
10min $15
Sea Salt Spa Pedicure $58
Start with a warm feet bath filled with dead sea salt and essential oil to relax and soothe aches. Callus soften, scrub, hydrating clay mask, stress relieving massage and moisturize. Followed by 10 minute foot reflexology.
Green Tea Spa Pedicure $65
Soften skin in a green tea bath soak with potent anti-oxidants and polyphenols. Exfoliate away dead skin cells with a baking soda scrub. Draw-in moisture and enhance skin’s immunity with a rehydrating green tea mud mask. Stimulate cells with healing green tea massage cream and therapeutic essential body oil all over legs & feet. Moisturize and repair cracks and calluses with a glycerin and urea rich formula. Followed by 10 minute foot reflexology.
Silky Milk Spa Pedicure $95
(Maximize moisture in your skin) Milk has extraordinary hydrating qualities increasing your skin’s ability to abtain moisture. It’s chock full of Vitamin A, D & E to nourish your skin with anti-inflammatory benefits. Essential proteins & effective beta-hydroxy acids naturally hydrate and exfoliate your skin leaving it smooth and silky soft. Followed by 20 minute foot reflexology.
Organic Detox Spa Pedicure $120
Offers products which create both physical and mental inner balance, by going to the root of the problems and treating them to create and maintain radiant, healthy, glowing & vital skin. Includes foot soak, exfoliation, a mask, foot massage and cuticle nutrition. Followed by 20 min. foot reflexology.